Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tengku & May Lee's Wedding

Another friend of my got married!  Congrats to Tengku!
We are the Team Kampung! Am I the smallest? 
Wedding luncheon!
This is the groom! I knew him lesser than a year. We work out together!  My coach I'd say! Most of the time we meet must be in the gym.*hahaha*  Oh by the way, he was a bloody fat elephant before he was slim like in the picture. Believe me.
See these giants? Dont ever mess with them. Im not joking.
And the drinking part after the wedding luncheon. Seriously, I have forgotten what happened next after the shot of alcohols. Notice two diff bottles Im holding?
Couldn't even recall anything. If it wasn't pictures that reminds me of how terrible was I.  It rings the bell of how I got wasted and forgotten what happened during another friend's wedding dinner I attended couple years back. Click HERE

Once again. Happy marriage to Kelvin (Tengku) and Mary (May Lee). Wishing you best and happy always!

It's 2013 and most of my friends my age are getting married too. And look what am I doing now? Still searching for the right path of life and career. *sigh* 

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