Monday, December 31, 2012

Taiwan Day 6-7

It's all bout last day in Taiwan.  You see, time flies when we're having fun. ALWAYS!
Taking the high speed rail to Taipei. Wait, I got confused now. Where were we? I thought we were suppposed to transfer to Taipei from Taichung? Zup the ticket says TAOYUAN? No I wasn't realized it in Taiwan, NOW I AM CONFUSED NOW. But eff it.

It was real fast but still not a Bullet-Train tho.
Back in Taipei City!! It was hella cold out there. No joke.
We were brought to this unique concept and artistic restaurant. The entire environment was so different. It was pretty weird but, we often shine a spotlight at weird thingy no? Kudos to the boss for being dare to be different! Respect.
The food's not really fine. Nothing special but people tend to come here to eat. It's Five Dime Driftwood House, I've google it for you, click HERE !
Trip, success!!!! Our tour guide (Grey)  is very good , friendly. Cool just... GOOD. *LOL*
Ok, so wasted our time at err.. a Memorial Hall. Watching those armies marching.
To the next, Taipei 101. I think it's a place to visit when you come to Taipei. I dare not even look into the shops inside, I will have to pay my arm and leg for a single shit there. But something to be proud of, I've been to 101's Toilet. At least I left a memory there.
Wu Fen Pu!! Place that I've waited. The largest garment wholesale, street of boutiques, shopping heaven whatever!! Bwarrghhhhh. My eyes have never been so busy looking for cheap clothes and stuff till forgotten to take pictures. And I got lost in the middle of the street. 
And I noticed that my sense of "fashion" changed since I came out from this street. I'm into blink2 and animal prints thingy. Girlish. Mad influenced in a short time. 
It was cold in Taipei but I still rock my tanktop, as y'all can see everyone's with jacket / sweater on. The local Taiwanese thought I must be outta the mind. Y'all know how the weather in Malaysia's like? So I appreciate every single cold weather over there! Yeah. At least my body has better definitions than 3/4 of the population in Taiwan. *DAMN* So Im ok with it. Look who's laughing now? *LMAO* See Im just joking.
Raohe Street Night Market. Y'all know that Taiwan is famous for night market snacks. If you don't know, now you know!
By the way, when I was in the Taiwan for whole week. I didn't manage to get myself a pearl bubble milk tea. Never had a chance. And this, this wasn't pure one. It was MILK. But taste pretty good.
They said bak-kut-teh here is good. I dont really eat this in Msia, so now, how nice is NICE?
As I said, time flies when we are enjoying ourselves. We are moving back to our last hotel.
Sato Castle Motel. This hotel is so dope I could not describe. A motel with different room concepts. here you go I've google for you again. CLICK HERE !
I don't know what concept is this. They said it is Malaysian concept. Are you fuckin kidding me? 
It was 11.37pm, time to hit the sack. We gotta catch the early flight tomorrow morning. So good bye lovely TAIWAN. ;(
To be honest, I left Taipei with a heavy heart. A city that inspired me in life, design and fashion in a short time. I can't imagine what will happen if I stay longer. Damn Taiwan, I'm not done with you yet! I still haven't visit Show Lo's shop yet! Till then, see you again.

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