Sunday, December 30, 2012

Taiwan Day 5

The last two days in Taiwan. As you've seen in my previous entries. Dont you think that this trip was kinda boring? Because I do, you see wtf the last couple days were the best. I mean ya why do we need to go to the Temples? Farm? I cant brain what's the fun over there? The journey to those crap places took more than 4 hours. Basically we spent our day on the bus rather than anything!
FTS, let's discover the Sun Moon Lake! It was raining before we get on to the boat and the rain eventually stopped when we were in the middle of the lake. Thank God it wasnt a sunny day tho.

Visiting Wen Wu Temple. This is the temple where they worship Confucius, Guang Gong and.. I donno.

After visiting the temple, we were scheduled to a Theme Park. Not really a theme park, it called "Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village", but I don't know, it looks like an amusement park to me..
Cabel car again? I will make sure my hat wouldn't fly off like what happened in ZhuHai. But it was fully secured . So I feel safe! *lol*
It was really high, but the height doesn't bother me at all. Look at the only beautiful scenery,
We went to the top of the world but couldn't manage to catch the next cabel car to get down. We gotta walk all the way down. It took roughly half and hour. I was like dafuq do we really have to walk that long? But then there are so many things to see and 30 minutes is actually too short.. 
How should I describe this place? The culture village that features aboriginal cultures. So you get it? It is Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village! Go google it la. Ahh Taiwan was formerly known as FORMOSA.
Look the big dick, they said it brings luck or something like that based on not sure from which tribe's of Taiwan sakai. So if it's real, Imma lick em all back!

See, too big but too little time to explore!  The first thing on my mind when I saw this was "My bros gonna love this place."
That's all I can show you. Moving on to the next night market.
Finally we are at the Taichung's City. FengJia Night Market. Y'all know that I always love this market thingy. Still, we've not enough time! It was a busy street, so happening eventho during weekday.
Not much pictures were taken, I was terribly hungry. So yeah.
Sis wants to get a cab back to hotel. She forgotten that we are on tour. We have our own tour bus! You were provided with everything sis!
Before we hit the sack. Went to a mall nearby our hotel to get some food, we never had enough from the night market. Look at the  Budweiser that cost only Rm23.50! Check the Jack Daniel's out, Rm76.50 only for that? Man, alcohol is way too cheap over there. 
But at the end.. this was what I had... From that moment, I don't feel like leaving Taiwan so soon. Till next.!


HJ® said...

Ma wore slippers nia? Not cold meh? Btw your tummy is so obvious, muahahaha..

CzChooi said...

Sis, ma tak takut sejuk la! haha