Thursday, November 29, 2012

Taiwan Day 4

Leaving Taitung early the morning to Fo Guang Shan. It was a terrible long journey. 
Greeting from... err I don't know what place was this. We dropped by here.  
After 3-4 hours of journey, we finally arrived the destination .

Nothing much, nothing special. You think Imma a holy person you must be wrong. A wasted day on bus really. Wat the hell??
Now at least a nice homestay for us. Still wasted!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Taiwan Day 3

29th October 2012 Hualien - Taitung

It's 27th November today, it has been a month since the Taiwan trip. Wow how time flies. Ok, here's sumary of day 3. I really dont know how to blog this. Will just let the picture do the talking I guess.
To the Taroko National Park.
The earlier tribes headhunter and Japanese armies stayed here. I dont really know the history. Oh by the way. Marble is everywhere. EVERYWHERE!

What if I tell you that almost everything behind me are not rocks / stones but marbles? If you don't know, now you know!
To next, Rei Suei Farm. Farm. Ok.
Shit, I think I accidentely CMYK-ed this pic. The color is so wrong!!  Not sure why my mom loves to take pict with cows so much?
My parttime job in the farm. I've got a Moooo like jagger!!
I suck in taking pict of animals! Look at the devil goat. Ish! Baphomet.
And to the next homestay. Long journey..
It looks pretty awesome. Nice villa. Oh is it a villa.
There my home for that night. Really cool. Suitable to film a horror movie too.
Not sure what's with this pose. To show my muscles I guess.?
Ok. Day 3. AWESOME! Till next.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Taiwan Day 2

28th October 2012 Taipei - HuaLien

Holla, day two in Taiwan was pretty good. Checked out from the hotel early in the morning to continue our next destination to Hualien. By the way, we were travelling around the Taiwan in 7 days. So basically we staying the different place and hotel every night.
Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall. Hmmm, well, ok. Cool..
The only complete family portrait.
After the memorial hall thingy visiting, our next activity was to visit Yehliu Geopark. Those natural rocks impressed me. Well, I'm not being sacarstic now.
See I aint no lying. You should experience it yourself.
It was drizzling the whole day.
To the next. JiuFen Old Street. Know what, I'm so sick of bus. I dozed off automatically when I get into the bus. You can never imagine how long the journey and bored was I. Am I complaining right now? *lol*
I kinda love this street..
Entering the JiuFen Old Street! It's a small lane with sea of people. It was a beautiful raining day btw.
And I, doesnt have much time to travel the street. Race against time. I should come here again, in future?
And time to go to Hualien by taking train. Few hours long journey. As usual, dozed off in the train.
And guess what, it was only 5pm when we reached Hualien as you can see the sky has turned dark. Sunrises at 4am during Winter in Taiwan and goes dark at 5pm based on what the tourguide said. Oh ya, the first proper meal in Taiwan. Steamboat and Grill Buffet. Eat all you can nigguh.
Discovering the city of Hualien. It was only 10pm and the city was so quiet. What's good here? Peace I'd say?
Trying out the beer and coffee.
Had a can of local Taiwan beer and then everything goes blurry. Nothing much already. Till next.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Taiwan Day 1

27th October 2012 Malaysia - Taipei (Taoyuan)

Just came back from a family trip to Taiwan last week. Here's a summary of it. First day in Taiwan, nothing special. A wasted and tiring day indeed because I spent more time on bus and plane. 2 hours from Melaka to KLIA, and it's about 4 hours from Malaysia to reach Taiwan. As we reached TaoYuan Airport, the sky was already dark and tour bus (bus again) pick us up to the famous night market in town. Shihlin Night Market.
Part of Shilin Market. It's actually huge but doesnt have much time to walk around. The trip was all about race against the time. Should plan for a backpacking trip here in future.
This was how our hotel look like. It called King of France Palace Hotel. It was pretty impressive and scary at the same time. Google it!
There goes DAY ONE in Taiwan. LMAO. Will update the next trip soon. Stay tuned.