Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 3-4-5 in Zhuhai

4th June - Shenzhen - Zhuhai

Im getting lazier to blog. So I will blog all 3 days in one post as there have nothing special tho. We were so rushing to Shenzhen pier to catch up the ferry in order to transfer to Zhuhai. The ride then took about 1 hour to reach our destination.
Oh before I forget, this is our mofakin useless so called tourguide in Shenzhen. Mr.Simon!!
Touched down Zhuhai safely!! And since we no longer in Shenzhen, so we got the new tourguide here.
This is Fisher Girl Statue (珠海渔女), symbol of Zhuhai. Our tourguide told us alotsa lotsa fairy tales about this, ahh too long, if you care to know just google it.
Next place was this. Zhuhai Sante Cableway at Jingshan Park. Here was the shit happened!! Who knows?
We gotta take the cable-car to the top of the hills. Pretty long way, in fact it was my first time on cable-car.
On the top of the hills, errr... ok you can see a beautiful view of the seashore of Zhuhai and Macau and lil bit of Hong Kong.
On the top of Zhuhai!!
Remember I mentioned that "Shit Happened" here earlier? Here was my freaking Crook&Castle red snapback got flew away while we slide down from the hills. We can actually go down by cable-car again but we choosed to take the Mountain-Car to slide down. It was way too fast but it's safe. Just that my cap... Ahhhhhhh freaking sad!! Why my cap are on? It was too comfortable till I dont realized it's on my head. lol!!
But life goes on. *lmao* After we had our lunch, tourguide brought us to.... err I've no idea where. It was very beautiful and peaceful place. Basically doesnt paying any attention no more. Still cannot accept I left my cap at the middle of the hills.
There goes first day in Zhuhai. Dont you think this picture is so colorfull?

5th June - Zhuhai - Macau

Zhuhai Museum.
These are 20% of what in the museum.
After all odds. Our tourguide left us an hour or two of  free and easy walk at Lotus Road (莲花路) there for Another shit happened. Yes you read me, ANOTHER!
Look we were at Underground Shopping Complex and also a border crossing to Macau. First thing that came across our mind about Macau was casino? But our assumptions was all wrong.
Yeeeeah We Were in ..... MACAU? You freaking kidding me? All buildings and apartments. Dafuq?
We were actually at the entrance of Macau border. We have to take bus or cab in order to reach the casino place. Why shit happened here? We wasted our Visa in MACAU that we were supposely save it for Hong Kong on the next day. Ahhh what a silly mistake? So next time if y'all ask me if I ever been to Macau, I can proudly say.. "Y-y--Yes I do, I dooooo..."

5th June - Zhuhai - Shenzhen Airport - Malaysia

Things happened for reason aye? We cannot make out final trip to Hong Kong. In fact if we ever make it, it would be hella, hella hella hella hell rush! No joke.. So eff it, next time maybe. We were ready to check out from the hotel, saying bye-bye to Zhuhai soon. Matter of fact, it was a very beautiful place. Not as hectic as Shenzhen. Im kinda miss that place. Miss my cap!!!
Oh hey, our best tourguide! Mr.. Our first impression on him was bad. As he looks like some triad guy by the way he talks and he walks. But our assumptions was wrong again. He was so kind to us. Thanks a lot!
Transfer from Zhuhai to Shenzhen International Airport buy bus. 2-3 hours journey. Waiting time to aboard back to our hometown.
Bye bye Shenzhen and Zhuhai. Till next!!

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