Sunday, January 29, 2012

Satey Celup on CNY!

Steambot and BBQ is too mainstream, so boring! We doing it like every year, so this time they've decided to do something rare for this CNY party. They did something different, real different. Y'all people know what's the famous food in Melaka? Yeah Satey Celup that's wazzup! I know right, it tastes better than you could eat at the shop no joke!! And since firecrackers are legal for this year, we played it like nobody's business. So legit!! *BOOMS!*
I don't really like Vodka moreover it is spiced coffee and almond flavoured. Errrr~
Look at their expression after a shot of vodka. #WHAT?
A very cool group photo! This year's celebration was really awesome. And I gambled for the very first time end up losing all my money #wtf. Remember that I don't really feel CNY last year? In case you've forgotten, click HERE. And yeah check the video below, it took me whole day to edit balz.This is fun, I wanna do more video in future! *haha*

Friday, January 27, 2012

CNY Gathering.

Last week we had our Chinese New Year gathering at Overtime, Melaka. Not really happening night but we live in our own world don't we? We rock the night! Pretty enjoyed and great to see y'all. And the end, I got wasted and hang over the other day. How great was that eh? Words are needless here, let the picture and video do the talking. Chows.
It took me 2 days to understand the video editing software thingy. Did a lot of trial and error wtf. It takes forever for me to do a simple video. Me noob in video la! It is easier to watch than done! *LOL* 


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Imma cap freak.

Here's almost all my caps, some has been almost 10 years. Fucking seriously 10 years wow?! If I'm not mistaken, I bought my first very first cap when I was age 13th. The one with black, white and red splatter was my 2nd cap at the front, I can remember that very clearly. The very first had gone to no where.  10 years and still counting.. They are mask, my cover, my shelter! Can you tell how much I love head gear especially cap, really?

Monday, January 16, 2012

I'm On One!

I just got my stuff from Karmaloop today and guess what, I freaking in the Chinese New Year mood this year don't know why, in fact I'm really excited and quite looking forward for it. Hopefully the plan will goes smoothly! Last year wasn't really into this kinda festive. In case you dont know, check this out the post last year HERE.
Back to my stuff. RockSmith I'm On One tanktop and Rebel8xFamous tee shirt. Those cutting fits me well! Damn son!
Screw New Era, now we go for Mitchell & Ness. *LOL* I joke. I mean when you are looking for snapback, go for this brand. Street style lover, you cant find any nice shirts in Melaka or maybe it is too expensive? You can get your ass sit still, and let the internet do the shopping for you at And yeah thanks to my boy Akey for helping me to get those stuff man. 
This was the Christmas stuff that I bought from the same place as well. Rebel8 snapback and Wu-Tang C.R.E.A.M team tank top. Screw the ugly edit from my phone. *LOL* 
YMCMB y'all! I'm On ONE! Just like my tank top said. *haha*


Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy 23rd to my bro John !!

Finally my CPU is back and I can blog a lot!! Had a simple birthday celebration with my bro John at Riverbank. Chilling at the bar talk cock is real fun as I find out celebrating birthday at club is not really a good idea tho. 
And of cause thanks to April for everything. 
What a face uh?
I had lotsa fun, lotsa jokes n laughter, lotsa craps. When you get tipsy, everything goes more crazier. 
The group photo. Ehem obviously?
Not e...e..enough kan? I'm looking forward for the Chinese New Year already! Holla!

Sunday, January 01, 2012


First thing first, it's first day of the year, first post of the year. So yeah, Happy New Year.
I haven't been updating my blog since my laptop and PC was down. So there are lotsa post has been skipped well whatever it doesnt really matter anyway. What's good in 2011? All good I guess??  I thought of doing a short review of my 2011 here but I'm too lazy so just check them all in my BLOG ARCHIVE if you're interested. Will be back to be more active once my computers are back! Once again, Happy 2012. Fuck I'm 23rd already?????????? Oh no way..