Saturday, November 26, 2011

What happens when I'm bored?

Me & Mr.Show sure have the same sense of fashion huh? LMAO!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Did I make it or what?!

Same quality and cutting of the shirt, same shop. See me on the left? It was taken few months ago. Check this post out HERE.  I was so angry at myself just every time I look into the mirror or a picture of mine, I don't like what I see.. This is the result after months of working out in the gym. Kinda satisfied lah~ Yeah if there's no changes I think I'd go suicide. On a not-so-healthy diet tho. I consume alcohol and eat as usual.. So yeah..
Still the degil double chin n belly fat still don't wanna leave me.. My motive was to lose weight but nowadays it seems like I've lost my focus and moving on to another goal. Till next, wish me luck and keep the faith.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Fooling at Ocean car park

Faking Fish Eye effect.
To pose well, don't ever look down. Shoook!!!! 
I always wanted to have some photoshoot here. Scary spot and nice experience indeed. One mistake move and  I could fall into whole of hell behind me forever. Yet this is not the highest floor of the building, say what? I think I'm fear of heights. I will never ever try bungy jump man!
Check out these local emcee/rapper. They just take Malaysia Hip Hop into another level!! Wazzap!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

My 1st Oakley!!!

Finally got my Holbrook. Mad happy!! I always want a pair of this for very long time.. Big shout to John Jm for helping me. He took me from place to place to get this. Damn appreciate! 
Grape Juice! Aint it beautiful?
Trying out my friend Kioue's sunglasses, RetroFuture Super Flattop. Damn I like the design. Check this brand out at

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

No one believes me....

Look, been living in the "Fright Night" for 3 days in row. Never get to have  a nice sleep. I tagged along with my friends in the club for the awesome Halloween event. Unfortunately I don't have nice picture taken by myself as my camera left at Eric's house for almost couple weeks watever~
Those costumes were very very cool. Kudos to all of them for putting such effort. See Halloween in Melaka is getting happening uh?
And guess what I found? He was being abandoned by his owner I guess? Found it in the club and personally thinks that he is cool and cute so I adopted him. Seriously cool weh!
One of the reason I like Halloween so much is because it's the only season I can see creepy gore shits, and skulls everything. Even my Sims Social's loves Halllooooweeeenn!!! Btw, below is the Halloween theme for this year. Hope y'all like it....but no one believes me~