Sunday, October 02, 2011

11011 Steven Ngo and Cherine's Wedding

Here's the first wedding invitation card from one of my secondary classmate. Whom among us are ready to be the second? 21st birthday parties are over, we looking forward for next invitations from you! Steadily waiting. *Hahah*
Babi kau!! Mati pon masih mau minum kah?
Congratulations to both of them! Cherine and Steven Ngo. May they white hair till old.
Toast to the bride and groom.
From table to table, I think I had a lot. Why my beer taste so diff, did anyone pour the martell into mine?? Here's when I started to get tipsy, can't walk straight.
I can't remember why the hell would I go to the stage and sing. Probably been pulled by Kodok, or  was I volunteer myself? Yet I remember clearly the song was "Right Here Waiting For You". lmao..
However seems like we had joy we had fun we had in the season in the sun on the stage eh? *hahaha*
And the wedding is over, everything goes smoothly but...
We were still cock talking on our table.. I can't remember this part already.....
I get wasted at the end. Was supposed to go to Juanna's 21st celebration but then I couldn't make it. Feel bad here, sorry for that.

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such a great dinner! hahahhaa....