Thursday, July 21, 2011

Everything was so 1 year ago..

Have I changed? I doubt it, no? Still fat, still chubby, still pimplely, still short, still a slacker, still playful, still hate what I hate, still love what I love, still don't earn any money, still dating with my Desiree, still me, still PWC, still blogging.. *hahahahah*
Still listen to my fav band...
Still listen to my fav idol.....

-Still left unDone-

Monday, July 18, 2011

Old frens' 21st.

Becky's 21st...
Bibi's 21st. The one hair with colored.  Now who else is hitting 21 soon?
All old old friends. During Friendster era. *hahaha*  Used to chat and lepak and barely contact after me pergi NS. It's fun to recall all the great old time stories. Too many childhood memories if you get what I mean? HAHAHA!!!! 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Traditional Massage

Yesterday was a healthy day I guess. Workout, eat, massage, spa, sauna and eat again. And was my 1st time been into massage center. Inexperience me get so awkward while doing the body massage.  
Spa and sauna after the body massage. So nice..
And errr supper? Had good foods. We really cant finish em all but feel so grateful tho. Mind the satey. Thanks to Eric  for everything! I've to skip my diet plan yesterday. So yeah today the jedi continues. *lol*


Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Mock Up. Pray for me...

Here's the mock-up for the map job that been given couple weeks ago. (Click HERE)  Finally it's done, well I guess so? Waiting for their approval. I really don't want any amendment for this cause it's really a tough one. Facing my alter-ego, emo, stress, tension and lazy while doing it. Anyway just pray for me k? *lol*
..meanwhile.. Sketching keep me warm and helped me go through the storm... *cehh*
And yeah... got some bucks from Nuffnang. After a year of "nanging". *haha* Thanks anyway!

Btw found this band, they are young. The vocalist is good looking and have a great voice. Real good! I released my stress and anger through these songs. Check them out. BlackTide.

Monday, July 04, 2011

I am a graphic Resigner

Am I a graphic designer? It's not a easy job. You don't really get pay for what you do. You rush against the deadline but you don't get in time. I cant rely on this job. How am I gonna fucking survive? You hardly can see a designer drives a nice car. You cant see them in a suit. Salesman or promoter have better commission than a designer. So you think this job is fun? You better think twice. Everyday they are struggling, they spend everyday brainstorming. They get emo and stress easier than the others. They doesn't really like to share their problem as they don't share their what's on their mind (ideas).

I think I understand why most of my seniors designers don't really work as a designer. I was like wtf you wasted your time and money studying so hard and at eventually you don't work as what you've learned. Now look who's talking now? I'm a graphic resigner! *lol* I'm not being a professional indeed.
I've tried to master all except for Journal Cartoonist and M.Painter but at the end.......... I can't exchange my skills with money. What a shame. Oh yeah there are 50 reasons why not to date a designer. Click HERE
-I am Done..-