Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Little update

Here's some jobs for MBSA. Banner and magazine. Just a simple photo manipulation that could make my computer lag crazy!
One word for these games' graphic, AWESOME! I think I could leave everything behind for this. I don't think my computer can support thosee games. Damn! Back in the day, I was amazed by Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Fear and Left4Dead but now, *haha*

Monday, May 30, 2011

Congratulations to my sis HueyJin & Gerald

Canon 550D + Photoshop. And at the same time, experimenting the Vivid Color.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Back to Tumblr again, no?

Just reactivate my Tumblr. There is where I use for microblog now. Every post in Tumblr will be automatically tweeted, so yeah. However I'm not totally moved, this personal blog still goes on. And then Facebook err... BORING~ *lol* For my so called "social network" thats right.
My lovely and loyal readers, I'm still on this blog. My blog goes on because of you guys. Imma showing some love to my readers here no matter in or not in the list. No photoshopped anyway. *haha*

What? Nothing..
Star Wars lover or those who hasn't watch it before, this is short and understandable in Lego way. I could know the whole story by just watching this. lmao, nice effort btw!

Friday, May 27, 2011


I watched the Insidious last Wednesday with my bros and sis. We had Coconut Shake before the movie and Satey Celup after. And also free short karaoke session then. Screw it, I aint gonna blog about this btw. Just a random Wednesday with nice activities I'd say. 
Imma blog about this freaking movie. Insidious is the one of those horror movies that I will never get tired of watching. And it makes me wonder what's gonna happen next. For me, this is the only horror movie that is worth the palpitations and screams. Matter of fact, it scared the crap outta me. No joke. Shit!!
The 1st scene that gave me a shock! The music and sound effect were so loud which made it scarier and eery. 
Screw this part!!!! I was like "Efffff*UCK!!!!!" I have to say that this is definitely the scariest movie I have ever seen in years, completely terrifying to me. Errr maybe not it isn't that scary, I was just overreacting or something? Go watch it yourself. *haha*
Ok this is not in the movie, just random. Lmao, until the next. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Ms.Nor's wedding @ Muar

An invitation to our lovely lecturer, Ms.Nor Arshad's wedding at Muar. Her's the one I've waited for so long after a few lecturer's weddings that I've attended before. *haha*
And we have reached Muar safely. Damn, why the pict lost focus??
While waiting for the bride and groom, we were busy playing Pumpkins Vs Monsters, I've addicted to this game already. It's way nicer than Plant Vs Zombie. 
Muka menahan berak..
And finally, the lovely bride / lecturer! She the one who taught me Animation Technique and Element of Graphic Design in college. =)) What am I now and where's all my graphic foundation came from if wasn't because of her? *ceh* 'Hey, I miss college's life so much.
Eh hekkk~* 
Ignore the previous pict, I must have mistaken & confused with the seat. Here comes the groom! *lol*
Anyway, Selamat Pengantin Baru Miss, congratulations to both of you. May you both be bless with all the happiness in the world and of cause, semoga berbahagia and berkekalan. =)) 
Going back Melaka. Safe and Sound.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


My blog is better than sex.. What is XiV anyway?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm a night owl.

Working on my illustration skills. These are little preview of the illustration that I've done so far. More to go. 
I'm not a early bird but a night owl, are you? My brain is more fired up at night.. ;)

R.I.P Jimmy Sullivan drummer of Avenged Sevenfold. This is their latest video, one of my favorite track. Emo shit! A song dedicate to their drummer also the best friend that now is in a better place. I cant begin to think what it would be like to lose a friend or someone you have had that long.. Learn to appreciate people around you.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Million dollar skills for million dollar bills?

Pyramid + Masonic + Pentagram. Practicing my illustrator skill. What's the meaning of "Million dollar skills for million dollar bills" when I only get paid less than that? What's the point of thinking so hard and being creative where I might not get paid for that? Why am I always wasting my time to sharpen up my skill for? Well, maybe I should be positive and optimistic. No matter what, I'll just do my best and of cuz every cent counts, a dollar make a meal, a dollar make a million.. =))
 Still The Game, still my favorite rapper. Still dope track!! 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'm fucking fat...

My body is out of proportions already.. I have to accept the fact that I'm fat now. I hate my tummy, neck-less, round shoulder. Urh wtf. I desperately want to wear nice shirts but all don't seems to fit me now. I can't wear a nice cutting shirt, can't wear tight clothes. How can I not bother to care about my body for all this while? I'm getting fatter ever since I resigned from my job.. See my body pun turn off!! Uncontrollable food intake that's right.. I freakin need to work out for Christ my sake!!! 
Ideal body propotions, as slim as him will do la..... 

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Hair Saloon flyer

Just done the saloon flyer design. Images stock were taken from Google.. Dear customer, please confirm the artwork once you see it. I don't wish to do any amendments. >"< 
I don't know if you find the logo has subliminal meaning. Let's make it clear that it has nothing to do with Freemason and Illuminati tho. Well, just a coincidence perhaps? *haha* This is how the satanic symbol looks like, click here

And, Happy Mothers Day to my lovely mom!! Hope she's enjoying her holiday in Shang-Hai now. =D And to all the mommas, u all are beautiful in every way. Happy mother's day again~ =))

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Tattoo day

My brothers gonna get their 1st tattoo.. A day to remember, I will always remember that day. Some unfortunate event for me. But thank God everything is fine now. 
Choosing the design..
Why am I sleep walking or what? Why the hell am I closing my eyes?
Meet them yourself to see the final outcome. =))

Check this out. The powerful Mercedes Benz C-Class vs our local Proton Waja. It really put our local cops and cars to shame lmfao.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Patience is a virtue

Phone effect
I hate calculation, I need to recount over and over again and each time got the different result. I hate math and it drives me crazy!! Maybe I should count it patiently.. Wth! 
Dunk High Bobba Fett. The club is boring so I chill outside and be patience~
I wear sneakers pretty much everytime when I go out. As the Avinesh said, to look presentable. This is my favorite pair.  But it's going to broke. =(( I cant afford another... Urghh chill Cz, be a lil patience~
See the Mercedes.. Ahh, Maybe I should be a little more patience. *LOL* Nah Cz, dream on! 
Alcohol session that I long for. Ohhh with toasts. Soon to be an alcoholic. Sabar sabau~
Cannot see my dimple anymore. It means that my face has grown chubbier. Take a deep breath *inhale, exhale*!!
 I could finish em alone. Gluttony is one of my 7 deadly sins.. Maybe I should be much more patience!
The pregnant man~ omfg seriously need to get rid of this! *how?* When I see good food,  all I need is more patience! 
Watch this. "Patience always pays off."