Thursday, April 28, 2011

Proceed for printing

The message is clear, RM2200 per month.
Both of the billboards above has been approved!! But it's not a time to chill yet. I still have a flyer to go..
This is the flyer I'm talking about, the one that cause me a major headache. It looks kinda very weird don't you think so? I'm not really satisfied with the outcome. The task that given by them is quite tough for me tho. "MBSA want to service Singaporean Tourist Mercedes cars, how can you do to attract or make them interested by this flyer? Try to put Melaka & Singapore landmark." Aiiish!.... Any idea there?  =S

Monday, April 25, 2011

Yesterday was Easter

Happy Easter!! Errr, I don't think this picture is suitable. Should have upload this instead. Anyway, had a quite fattening lunch with Eric at Secret Recipe. See, Melaka is so boring, is there any cool places to hangout besides those malls? Ignore this question for now, here's my :
Iced Cappucino,
Espresso Cheesecake,
and Spaghetti Meatball.
Wtf Justean Beaver? Sold out kid~
As I mentioned earlier, Melaka is bored. We've got no idea where to go and thought of leaving after the lunch but was raining outside, so yeah we got trapped in the lame Mahkota's Pearl Kafe, ya right so called "cafe". I wish that there were more places to chill. And we bumped into Bibi the talkative girl which make our conversation more topicable.. *Hahah define topicable?*
Taken by Bibi, she's fancy with Dslr and always playing around with mine. lmao
That was how my lovely Sunday. If you realized that this entry is actually complaining about how boring Melaka is. *hahaha* Till next time!

I was looking for Chris Brown's kinky song called SEX, the title itself tells how dirty the lyric is. And what I've found was this dance video, I gotta say that it's super dope. Feel free to watch, it's not as dirty as the song. I want to learn dancing la! So cool so fly!!! 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Holy Thursday

Yesterday was a fun day for me. I went alotsa places and did many things which makes my evening very long. Whenever Genesis is around, there sure will be some plans!! We could go few places in short hours. *Haha* Nah here's some photos.
Errr....Something totally unrelated to the whole story.. Look at my messy hair, guess it's time for a haircut again.
Gen picked me from my place and to John's new office at Tanjung Keling to dye his hair. It's really odd to dye hair at optical centre. 
Burgundy, damn I like this color!! 
While dying Gen's hair, we were hungry and thirsty. So Goreng Pisang and Coconut Shake as our evening meal.
He sure very hungry.. *lol*
Instead of staying in the office dying hair, nope. We go out like this. xD 
And yeah I was looking for some places for vandalizing and there's an empty shops beside. Gen and John tried so hard to break the door for me to paint the wall inside. But they did not make it cuz the door was locked from the inside. 
After he got his hair dyed. We went to swimming. When was the last time I went for a swim?
At the night, Kodok treated us for a lovely dinner at Amigo to celebrate his early 22nd birthday. 
Eric, wonder no more how would you look like if you are bald? xD 
My mixed Lamb, Beef, Fish and Chicken. *Burrp
Look at the Wasabi. Nancy sure want my nose burn to death! 

I had my sweet revenge!! I remember those who smashed cake in my face on my birthday few weeks back. And now it's pay back time! Im gonna give you guys a taste of your own medicine bros! =P
Looks at this maggot face. Damnnnnnnn!! 
We never knew that this cake was for his face. And I asked if there's another cake and they said no more. I thought of eating it at the first place but then I've changed my mind.. lmao
Poor kid.. =,((
Gone another day, always looking forward for more interesting days. Nowadays the clock is ticking very fast. It's weekend already. It was like just yesterday that I went to Show Luo's concert and celebrating my birthday. I've spent a lot on this month, money were spent like water... I want more income on May!! Wahh, it's May already, 2011 has comes to half. @.@" Oh before that, have a blessed Good Friday. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Show羅志祥 Encore World Live Tour in Malaysia 2011

Last Saturday I was at Stadium Putra for Show Luo's very 1st concert in Malaysia. As for myself, it was the first concert I ever attended. Now that's a something to be remembered. *haha* It's like a dream comes true to see his concert!! For most of the time I used to watch him in tv, youtube or pps. Not until that day I could see him like right in front of me *well, not that close tho*
See this ticker? It became useless because...
...I got this media pass!! *muahahaha*
Okay, this is quite gay. But for him, ok la.. Till the end, Show, till the end! *tap my chest with my fist*
Spotted, this mofaker got VVIP seat!!! 
And after a long wait. I can finally see him!!!!! Yes I wanted to shout out loud so badly but I didn't. I was sitting together with those reporters. And they look damn serious, so I were just behaving myself and be quiet.. -.-" All these pictures were taken by my sister. I wont upload all of them because these were belongs to her and her office. So here's some to share with you *strictly for Show's fans*
Story telling time, he was talking about his life and his drama. 
He performed his 4 awesome ballad love songs : 拼什麼好朋友我不會唱歌, and 習慣就好. Which all of them are my favorite, I always sing those in karaoke and now I can hear it live by the singer himself!!!  I really wanted to sing along but aiishhh. *hahah* Surprisingly he really did well in live.
The stage set up was too simple and kinda disappointing me. As his stage in Taiwan & Hong Kong much cooler! However it was really great to see his concert!! The crowd was awesome, ahhh I'm looking forward for his next!! Video below were recorded by Eric's camera. Nahh feel free to watch ya ya ya? 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gucci by Brothers and Sisters!

Now thanks for the Cans-Bouquet and Gucci cologne... What else can I say? Thanks to you you you all of you!!!!!!!!!!!