Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Graphic Designer, I'm not

Seriously lazy to finish it up. It's hard to paint by using mouse. I need a Wacom!! Well, I'm not gonna continue already, will just leave it undone. LOL
I actually have a lot jobs in the office but I just put them aside. No idea why the hell are they giving me so many works to do as I'm gonna leave here soon. 
Life screw me up when I have got no idea. What is more important? Idea or skill? What if you got a bad ass skills but no idea at all and vice versa. See, I am not a graphic designer and don't claim to be. I'm just a guy who loves art and drawing thats all. =))

Monday, March 28, 2011

Diet failed

The other day right after my so called "jogging", I tend not to eat after 6pm but my mom has prepared the awesome and scrumptious dinner. How could I resist the temptation?
With my favorite soup, nuggets, goreng pisang & kuih bakar.. My folks had finish their dinner and these are all mine. How to diet?
I always get hungry at the middle of the night. Well, I'm in the growing age aite.. Diet plan, FAILED.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Desire Camera 2

Have I ever told ya that I love burger? Bergembira burger-bira la la~
Eyy, no pornos in my room and no gay romance on my bed please?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Week of Aries

 I'm gonna treat myself real good.
I'll let no words bring me down,
no matter how hard you push my buttons,
how hard you tryna trigger my inner demon,
I'll just flip the bird and be all smiles.
I'm gonna be happy because it's the week of Aries,
it's my weeks of the year!!
Life will throw many things at me, I'd like to catch it..
When it throw punches, I'll block my counter like a boxer do.
Ok, this is cock and bull story. But like whatever shits may comes,
I'll be all good because it's my favorite week and coming month!
Hopefully I wont fall a sick again like last year. LOL!
Holla Arians and counting down few more days to April!! 
This song makes me hyper! Chris Brown sure can dance. Awesome. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Desire Camera

These were taken by my HTC Desire. No Photoshop just camera effect. I take pictures everyday.. 
"Anything that excites me for any reason, I will photograph; not searching for unusual subject matter, but making the commonplace unusual." - Edward Weston 
Till next.. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bring It On

This was done by Photoshop and Illustrator. I'm lazy to finish it... 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Born this way..

I always asked my mom if there's any pill that could get rid of my double chin, to make my face sharper or slim down my cheek? At least I want to be as slim as them....? 
..but she told me that I'm already born this way. See my face shape is actually round and neckless. So basically I'm not growing fat huh? It's just that my face has back to basic. LOL. 
Meanwhile, how would I not fat huh? lmao

Friday, March 18, 2011

Drunkard, are you?

Me, always the 2nd!! Let me see, sometimes 6th. LOL!!! Kodok is always the 5th and 11th. Which are you?  
I seriously don't know about this, gone and still smiling. Hahah
This was during my 21st birthday last year. That time was quite slim huh? Demmit! 
See I always smile and jump around like a monkey when I got a lil bit tipsy. Well everyone of us are happy drunker, who really is an emo drinker anyway?
I wouldn't forget this, spent most of the time in the toilet on that night. Now I wonder if you people are ready to get wasted on coming April, or not?! *Evil grin*

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Street is calling

Style2Burn this time is BEZA by Dment of 5forty2. Here's my sketch and at the same time trying on new style, however I'm not really fond of this style writing tho. Still digging for something fresh something fly.
Today I am so busy, I've spent literally half of a day printing stickers. Melaka's street art is so dead... Someone have keep this movement alive man.. And now it's time to "SLAP"!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Destroy to Create

               This is a tough choice, sort of the important and crucial decision.
               I gotta destroy in order to build, to annihilate the old and to create new.. 
               In order to move myself forward, I feel that it is necessary to discontinue this.
               I'm trying to leave everything I ever loved to pursue on something else...

               My dream is to be a famous artist, I get an education that leads me into my career I have chosen.
               I focused on the art development ever since secondary. 
               But I have to put them aside for the time being.
               Ku harus musnahkan cita-cita demi mencapai impian..
               沒有不快樂 & 沒有人逼我做抉擇.. God bless. =)) 

"Sometimes you have to give up the fight and walk away and move on to something that's more productive." Donald Trump


Monday, March 14, 2011

Should I embrace the fact that nothing is forever?

I was too naive to believe in eternity.
Nothings lasts forever. Nothing will go unchanged.
4 years ago, 10 years after and from now on, everything will be different.
The world is changing, you are changing.
Everybody's changing but I don't feel the same. 

People don't read a book nor laugh at the same joke over and over again.. 
An idea has a limit, people will never admire the same concept or design forever.
Nothing will stay, nothing is forever yet my sense of art still remain constant.
But we know that we can't produce anything new if we were stuck with the old idea..
Everything's changing but I don't feel the same.

Aleph's 22nd

Aleph celebrating his belated birthday at Ikan Bakar Muara Sungai Duyung. Guess words are needless, here's some of the picture. Now that his birthday is over, who's next? LOL!!!! Oh na-na, what's the plan??
Until next time...
Check this video out, it took me quite sometimes to upload it. Screw Eric and Aleph as the spokemen man seriously, but it amused me. hahahahah