Thursday, February 24, 2011

Photo editing

The original was so dull, dark and flat. I liking this tone very much. Worth me sit back and study so hard for tones. But I forgot how to get this tone for the second time already. Shit! Someone asked if it wasn't taken on that spot, maybe I just cropped myself out from a photo and merge it into some stock background or something. *haha* Well, I may did wrong at the light and shadow part. Do correct me if so. =))
My black and white tone. I must be crazy to need so many layers to produce a B&W effect. *LOL* I just want to get a proper and nice B&W instead of just "desaturate" it. (Photoshop talk) If there's any easier way to get this effect do let me know, I'm a newbie in this. 
Yesterday was a fairytale. I drunk and vomit like a dog. I spent more time washing the toilet bowl instead of clubbing. And it's a miracle that I being able to wake up early for work today. Somehow, I still feel like home and sleep now. *cough, cough* I feel like throwing up again.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My New Desktop Wallpaper

These nozzles are so cute. Where to get them? Is it custom made or what?
Great photo, thanks to Eric Avinesh for this dope flicks. My new wallpaper. I am a narcissist, I know right... *LOL*

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Did my first so called photo shoot with an Aleph and an Eric. I cough a terrible flu and headache on that day. It was real suck for me to do my thing. But I still managed to put up some good poses. Well, professional num'sayin? ROFLOLMAO!! But not good shoot, I'm not really satisfied with my outcomes. Nevertheless, thanks to both of them for the cooperation & great flicks. 
A candid by the "photographer" Mr.Avinesh.
Taken by Mr.Avinesh at a abandoned shop. The 1st thing that came acrossed my mind was can I ever paint some graffiti here? I edited this. Photography brings me closer to Photoshop. For some pictures of mine. Kindly check on my facebook or click here .

Saturday, February 19, 2011


手机又有SMS, 简讯不是你. 打开了更让人失望到底.
想要跟谁温暖的交谈? 却只有我和孤单.
我想我是怕安静... 回家第一个开电脑,电视掩盖所有的安静..
我想我真的怕安静.. 连睡觉都要戴耳机.
真的怕安静, 我承认我的伪装是真的不够好..

Got nobody to talk to. It's just me and my worst enemy.
I'm suffering in silence. I turn on the computer and TV albeit I'm not using them.
And sleep with music on to avoid silence..
I've tried so hard to hide my feeling, but I think I'm really afraid of silence.
By saying that I'm used to it is how I ease myself.
People often say that Silence is...Gold?

I wonder if anyone else feel like how I feel now? Guess I'm not the only one. *haha*
I'm actually repeating the same routine everyday. It's just the matter of happy or emo only. *lmao*


Friday, February 18, 2011

1st time to Movida @Melaka

Yesterday was the 1st time been to Movida as I always wanted to go there. *jakun, lol* And I've a thirst for alcohol nowadays, thanks for the short chilling session. =)) now I know that this is a kind of stress release. *haha
There was 2 pints of beers, but I couldn't finish them alone. My friend's kononnya not consume to alcohol la~ pffft.
Picture by an Avinesh. SOME of them are nice. =p It worth me "teaching" him all the settings etc. *HAHAHA!* Till then, when want to chill again? *lol*
An edited version.. I like to brighten up the color of my pict and some pink lighting. Why so? Cause I like pink. Check out my previous HERE which the editing style is quite same. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rabbit CNY video

An experimental on new D. If you see only one D, then see it again! If there's 2 D's, tell yourself that don't ever let your eyes deceive you. *LOL* Should have complete the full letters but I'm to lazy. Will continue M-E-R next time, or maybe not. Lately I've got nothing to do in office. No speakers, no youtubing. And it's rude to put my iPod on. =S The clock here is ticking very slowly. 
Finally get to upload this video. It failed for so many times. But I never give up trying and at last I made it. *LOL* Video was kinda shaky. For this video's post, click HERE
This was 3 years back. Kodok drunk like hell.. yes, like HELL!! lmao


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Guilty Conscience

I don't know since when but I've lost my confidence. Sometimes when things don't seems to work out the way I want, I'll stop trying. I throw in the towel very easily when I'm on pursuit of something. There's a conscience telling me that "I can't make it, I'm not good enough, I'm incomparable to them. There are a lot of powerful people than I do." A guilty conscience that makes me coward. Guess I'm not the only who have such thinking but I can't believe that this has being unexpectedly stop me from taking a step ahead and being afraid of failure and rejection. How pathetic am I? Ahhh get over it CZ. lmao

I admire the guy/girl above. I don't know how to describe it in a word. Maybe picture below here best explained.
Inspiring words for a bird which lost its wings huh? Maybe I should be grateful for everything I have now....

Oh yea, read also my previous post DREAM ON which I find kinda related too. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day 快乐

我在等一个人, 在等我的永恒. 告诉我 "爱不单行, 别害怕.."

Frankly speaking that I do not have any experience about Valentine so I've got nothing to share. Just wanna create a post on this lovely date. *lol* But the funny thing is, I have kinda ideas what to do and how to be romantic on V-Day. I do think of it like every year. This is crazy isn't, well Imma sentimental person remember? *haha* However I just got no chance to make it happen. Ouch, sounds so sad huh? Ei, did I sound so wrong here? Hopefully I'm not?


Friday, February 11, 2011


Ok, it's really been awhile, I've not been camwhoring myself because.. Yeap, I'm too old for all this shit. *LOL* Alright it's because I've grown fat, pudgy and whatever it is. Well I guess this is the major reason? And God knows better. If you notice that I seldom post the picture of myself on other posts lately.. Somehow back in the days, I was a hardcore camwhore, seriously. Check the pict below. o.O" 
Nice la. I want to go to his concert so badly. But I've got no accompanies. =S
"Only only" I sound so gay har? Well it's the song tho.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rabbit New Year Graffiti

Rabbit New Year production with Medea, WhyOne, Dake and myself. It was done on the 1st Feb. The wall don't seems to fit 4 pieces huh. =((
RAWR!! ok, so random harh~ lol

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


A last minute BBQ, it could have been better if it was held when everyone of us was around. But it was kinda fun tho.
Ever wonder how was my CNY? Well, I spent myself in room watching PPS more often than ever, I could spend the whole day for it. For I am not into gambling like my friend does. I don't really feel like Chinese New Year. In fact I enjoyed myself during Raya and Christmas than this. *LOL* But seriously, what's so Happy about Chinese New Year anyway? Maybe I'm too young to understand? Ouuh, I did love this but it was like 10 years back. lmao~

Monday, February 07, 2011

Black & Yellow

Currently I'm digging, I mean I'm looking forward for a new style this year. Will post the complete production soon.  
Ok, I'm not a graffiti writer anyway.

My current ringtone, and I'm into this song. "Uh-huh, ya know what it is, everything I do, I do it big~"