Sunday, August 29, 2010

All the way from Melaka for Haagen-Dazs

Yesterday (Saturday) we went to PJ and Subang for a half-day trip, a last minute plan. I'm accompanying Troy to collect his sneakers and at the same time to jalan-jalan. And another reason for this is to try out the famous Haagen-Dazs. This was taken yesterday...
And this was taken 2 years back. *LOL!!* Obviously I've put on my weight uh?
 My eyes are sexy eh?
Look ahead tomorrow, it is long and a winding road.. But sometimes we have to look BACK on yesterday to remind ourselves what we are today.
Cam-whore all the way.
We were starved for dinner. So we dinned at Sunway's Mr.Tepanyaki. I can't remember what have I ordered. A Beef + Chicken something like that. 
Had our dessert after we done filling up our empty stomach. We were looking for Haagen-Dazs as planned and finally found it after a long walk looking for it. Yes, you can't find it in Melaka.
My Paradise. Yes it called so in the menu.
Came all the way from Melaka to Sunway for an ice-cream. I wanted to try the so called world best ice cream so badly and finally made it! Anyway thanks to Troy for the ride. Without you, my dream wouldn't comes true! *LoL this is so gay*

Back to Melaka once we had done our dessert to meet up the rest of my bros in Dataran Pahlawan's McD. That's all for my long journey Saturday. Everyday is today. =))

I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it. Everyday is today. See Matthew 6:34 or my twitter. =)

Carrie Underwood - Just a Dream.
God damn sad.;( This mv somehow reminds me of Katy Perry's Thinking of You


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Coffee for 3 days in row.

I've been taking coffee for 3 days in a row. I'm not that addicted but just love it. Sometimes I need it so bad I can taste. Yet not the pure coffee with bitterness one but which is rich with milk and chocolaty taste. Bittersweet is just too good!!
Java Chip~♥
"Do you want whipped cream sir?" Yes yes definitely. For me, it is very stale without cream..
Java Chip can't be bad, it is Eric's fav.

I wouldn't be liking Oldtown's if it is not because of the Hazelnut flavored. It is actually a nothing special "kopi-peng" if it without Hazelnut. Yes that's all.
Somehow Hazelnut White Coffee is still my favorite. I never knew that Malim's Oldtown in Melaka is that happening even it is on weekday. I love the environment and atmosphere there, completely best place to chill out for me.

Chicago Cheese Cake and Ultimate Mocha
I would definitely agree that Starbucks' coffee is far better than CoffeeBean's. But we cant always wear the same shirt to shopping. CoffeeBean has more choices than Starbucks I made no bone about it. 
My QuikSilver brother from top to toe, seriously!

If chocolate can made a girl's mood better then coffee can made my whole day! xD


Tuesday, August 24, 2010


If only I have a lil courage to do things below...

I always thought that being loyal, eventually it would brought her closer to me..
I always thought that patiently waiting, eventually I will get what I deserved.. 
I always thought that if I sit still waiting, you will come after me someday..
I always thought that if I've moved on, you cant reach me in case you're back
I always thought that if I set it free and it comes back to me and be truly mine..
I always thought that if I still dwell on the past, someday we can have how we used to be...
And it is always just my own thought...
Who am I to disagree that most men are actually afraid of failing and rejection?
Most of us (male) always pretend that we are strong enough to handle but deeply inside we are actually weak. Weaker than you could have imagined. It is harder for a guy to move on comparing to girl. Correct me if I was wrong?
I'm voicing this only for those real man. Players are out of the league.

I'm so naive, yes I am.. Love is actually not as beautiful as it seemed. Look at picture above.  But I always and still believed that it is beautiful yes I do. Told ya, I'm naive. *lol*


Monday, August 23, 2010

Caffeine or Alcohol?

I'm an alcoholic I guess? I love to get drunk. Why? I don't know, I just DON'T KNOW but I love it. You probably wouldn't like me if I'm drunk. =S
Ignore the ciggy, I'm not a smoker for Christ sake. Any liquor would pleased me, I might misuse or take it in a wrong way and caught myself hung over on the next day. However, I thank God that I've only threw up once so far, and that was during my 21st...  See, I came to realized that I have to quit alcohol before I became an alcoholic dependence. Look at my bloody tummy. Oh please!! But the question is, can I make it? 
Can I really quit alcohol? Not really but at least not to be an alky. There was sometimes that I kept craving for alcohol like seriously. Now I'm looking forward for new addiction that can make me slightly quit and that's COFFEE. *LOL* I can actually save more indeed.
Beer : Roughly around  Rm60+ per bucket?
1 bucket is never enough for us, lets share 3-4 buckets then divide how much per person. You calculate it for me please? Huhu!
Liquor : Rm100+ to Rm300 per liter.
Starbucks : Rm16. *Ahah*
See, my latest addiction isn't that costly after all right? 
 Alcohol gives me good sleep but a vice versa to coffee. *wtf*
Errrrrrr.... ok?

Ok this are those effects, I get it I gedit!!!!! *I don't even bother to read it tho, LOL*

P/S : If you ever have a chance to drop by my dad's coffee shop. Try out his Milo-Ice or Neslo-Ice, It is well recommended by me.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Piecing on Saturday

Ok, here's some quickie update. I'm Melaka based so-called graffiti writer reppin PhiberWryte Connects (S.A based). Btw, who runs Melaka eh? *lol* A little piecing session with Sonea. For my full piece, click HERE


What I want to do if I've found her?

I will treat her as a queen.
  • I'll always remember our important dates.
  • I'll spend most of my time with her..
  • I'll have more conversations with her.
  • I'd be true to her.
  • I'll always tell her how much I love her..
  • I'll tell her how much I miss & care for her...
  • I'll listen to her
  • I'll never ignore her..
  • I'll wish her good morning & night every single day.
  • I'll writer her a poem or love notes.
  • I'll made her a gift my own, like one and the only in the world.
  • I'll paint her name on my wall.
  • I'll hug her tight from the back if she's angry or down.
  • I'll learn to be patient and practice forgiveness.
  • I'll slip her photo in my wallet.
I'll be a Gentleman. 
  • I'll hold doors open for her...
  • I'll stand up for her
  • I'll give her my jacket if she's cold.
  • I'll always buy her little gift.
  • I'll hold her hand in cinema or when we are walking.
  • I'll control my behavior.
  • I'll never do silly things to get her attention. 
  • I might will argue but definitely not going to let 'cold-war' happened...
Things that I wanted to do if I have a lover. *LOL* Lately I'm quite sentimental, refer to my twitter. I might not a good guy, my loyalty might meant nothing in this materialistic world. Some told me that love is not as beautiful as it seemed. They always told me that if you have a money, you can do everything. (including what I've mentioned above?) See, I've got no 5c's, I may got no strong career. But I always believed that if we be true to someone then love will be beautiful. Maybe I'm too naive? *lol*


Friday, August 20, 2010

August theater.

I assumed that everybody know this movie. I watched it like 2 weeks back but still talking about it sometimes.. A real god damn mastermind movie that could made my brain gets so tired in the cinema & I almost fell asleep in it, yes I'm talking about Inception. This is way better than Shutter Island. Still questioning myself, are those kids real? Is everything real or just a dream? Ok forget about it, if you got confused at the part which dream, within dreams and which levels are they in. Look at the image above.
I have watched quite a few films this year, personally I think that those I've watched in this month (picture above) are quite interesting comparing to previous month's. The Expendables & Salt are the movies I've been waited for since early year. I'm huge fans of action movie. The Sorcerer's Apprentice is ok but Avatar:The Last Airbender is too kiddy for me but I definitely will the catch the part 2. *lmao* There will be a post about The Expendables soon. Stay tuned. =P


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Everyday is Today

Having my dinner at Capitol Satay with Gen and Eric.
That was my 1st or maybe second time been there in my life living in Melaka. Does it really necessary to queue up that long? Yes, it IS necessary. 
"Take everything. Just take it, its all on me.." - Eric
What else can I say other than
Gen trying out his new HTC Legend's camera.
 I WAS allergic to prawns but now I've overcome it!
I don't know how to peel a prawn properly. -.-"
I know you are young, and I know you want live happily with your family. But I have to eat you~ Alejandro..
My Caramel Coffee...
Eric is really desperate for Starbucks so we had it on the next day with him himself and Gen. 
They enjoyed Chicken Chop with Dark Mocha... Mana korang tak gemuk??
Yamcha at Lorong Pandan after had our coffee. Some shoots, just to try out my fake lomo camera.

I usually blog about 2-3 days activity under ONE post and date. 
Because for me, everyday is today.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Today can never be better as yesterday?

Its Monday and yes its working time, I shouldn't have blogging by now but I still doing it... Here's little something I did on my weekend. =)
My blog soon turning into food blog. *LOL* I was drop dead boring on that Saturday and thanks to my savior Eric for offering me to join him & his gf in dinner. I always wanted to try Seoul Garden but never have the chance and finally. Yet it costs me loads but still worth it. =)) Well, don't ask me how much have I spent in this week, Seriously I dare not calculate it..
The raw.. They are all FATS!
I'm more likely a TIANG LAMPU during that time. >"<

Meeting Neko at Jonker after we had our dinner.. It has been awhile since last I been there and ended up meeting Kodok at Kota. Nothing much just playing around with my Desiree's camera effect. There goes my day. Well, guess my Saturday wasn't that bad anyway?

Beautiful Sunday with Caffeine..
Troy pick me up at my place and head to Dataran Oldtown. My Hazelnut White Coffee's on him. *haha* thanks yeah!

My face is so out of shape obviously, I cant see my neck!!! >"< Now if you look into the mirror and don't like what you see, you can find out what its like to be me.. Gotta go for gym after this *rofl*
After we finished our drinks at Oldtown, we head to Starbucks for the second round. WTF right? Thanks for the "insist" treat again bro. Much appreciates =)) Owe you one.
My Dark Mocha
Troy : What is this?
Me : Chocolate + Coffee that is why it called MOCHA.
Troy : I know, but why is it called Dark Mocha?
Me : Because it is darker than any other mocha *Confidently*
Troy : #$%^&

Not every today is as good as yesterday, agree with me? See, I cant afford to live my life in emo, sleeping all the day and probably not going to waste my day doing nothing anymore. So, what's the plan this coming weekend? *LOL*