Friday, December 31, 2010

Melaka Graffiti

This is the production we did last week. I'm proud of Malaccan writers. Don't ever underestimate them, They can follow the rule, they can do it in one same concept and color scheme. I love concept/theme production because it seems clean and not blurry. It's time to change Malaccan point of view on graffiti bebeh!! Check out the previous production we did years back. Remember Shinobi, Neko, Orange and Dzhe, remember Stylistix, Thug Love and Trauma Crew? *haha*
2007 @Masjid Tanah : Eh?, SnBone, Dzhe, Frost, Ryuka, Medea, Orange and Neko.
2007 @Melaka Klan Concept : Medea, ShiNoBi, and Orange.


Last day of the year

Today is the last day of 2010, what have I archived so far? Let see.. I've put on weight obviously, it is a massive changes in me. *haha* And yeap, I learnt to see things differently, I never opened myself this way. Well, what is my next year resolution? Lets just remain untold as I don't know how the future will unfold and I'm afraid that I can't make it. Somehow, this is a great year for me. It gone too soon, I will gonna miss 2010. =;)) Enjoy the video above and ya, Happy New Year!! God Bless.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Those were taken somewhere around my house with my very new camera. Arrghh... perhaps I need to study more about the foundation of photography! Holy Cow!! I almost forget what is Shutter & Aperture? Where is the Rule-of-Third?! What is depth of field? Issshhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, yet to be explored.. 

Billboard Approved!!

The billboard has been approved!!!! Thanks for giving me this great opportunity, much appreciates it. Well, this wasn't the Mercedes-Benz's actual logo. I do not have the current one and so is  MBSA Automotive's logo. Alright, one done. 6 pending, 4 more to go. Hopefully everything goes smoothly, God Bless.

MBSA Automotive is Melaka's only authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer & service center. Check their Facebook page out, click HERE

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

21st Birthday parties

1st Jan - Albert Low birthday. Our big brother!! Sadly we do not taken any pict together. He was real busy. But it was a great!! Steamboat after BBQ, was really full. Nice one!! 
12st Jan - King John's birthday, my brother which I feel secure whenever I hang out with him. Nice party, love the unlimited satay celup!! I am looking forward for your 22nd birthday soon man!
16th Feb - Hosanna and her twin bro's birthday. I knew her pretty long ago, guess since I was in form 2? *haha*
27th Feb - Aliff's birthday! This girlish boy is soon becoming man. We run Malacca as a TOYS since form 4. *hahaha* Great bbq and bombing session!
9th April - CzChooi's birthday!! He celebrated his birthday earlier as his actual date is on 14th April. His 21st was awesome, but the most unforgettable was his 18th. He personally thinks that celebrating birthday in PLKN is so special! And he was freaking slim during his 21st birthday for real!!
10th April - Stephanie's birthday. She's my NS friend. We wasn't close in the camp, in fact we don't talked neither have we greet each other? Thanks to Social Network anyway. *LOL
10th April - Woon Phang's birthday, rush to his party after Stephanie's. I love taking picture with him, you know why? xD
1st May - It's labor day, it's Suha's birthday!! She looks like a princess.. 
31st May - Sherene Tam's birthday. My classmate and she's an anime freak! *Hahahah*
6th August - April's birthday, our da shao. You better don't mess or you'll end up in the hospital!! Surprisingly that the Troy was there too as he missed a lot of our birthday party! He was at right between Aliff and me, I did not photoshopped it. *ahahah*
7th August - Edmund's birthday, knew him since we were in the college. He is a great photographer yo!! And he has deep photography knowledge! 
20th Nov - Tom's birthday, my old old old old, ok childhood friend. *LOL!*
27th Nov - Adrian's birthday yooo!! Thanks for the invitation, have a blast!!!
19th Dec - The smallest and youngest among us! Eric Avinesh's burrrrffffffddaaaaaeeeeeee <-- *blondae wannabae* Welcome to 21 mafaka, as da rest of us soon to be twen-t-tuuuu biatch! <--*west coast nigga wannabe* Whatever it is, zhu ni shen ri kuai le ooo, wo men yi qi qu Starbuck yao ma? Hai shi CoffeeBean le? <---*Pure Chinese wannabi* Sorry, this is our language and we use it occasionally. Readers might don't get it.. We live in our own world, that is it! xD

I attended 13 birthday parties. Some did not celebrate, some were missing, some did not invite, some I did not attend (Kodok, chill la, I was sick num saying?). Whatever it is, have a blessed days ahead everybody. 21 was really awesome for me. But I don't wish to grow old, I'm not ready to have any commitment and carry the world on my shoulders yet.. Ishhhh!!


Monday, December 27, 2010

How was my Christmas?

My Christmas eve was kinda ~~~ so so. It was a rush. We reached the party like 5 minutes before the countdown. No decorations (thought it was a Xmas party, no?), just big hall with small amount of people. It could have been better... =/ 
but had an awesome supper after the party.. It has been ages since the last time having roti canai and asam pedas.. *slllurrrppp* LOL!
On the Christmas Day was real tiring, I had a bombing session with Orange, Alip, and Dake. Malaccan writers are getting up, watch out! They don't go commercial and they don't write for GOLD and FAME. Somehow they are still a TOYS so am I *haha* Oh ya, thanks Sunny for the sunburn! 
 This Pineapple Fried Rice was scrumptious and costly. But it was toooooooo small for a heavy eater like me. So how was my Xmas for this year?? Well, I don't know... not as fun as the old days. But I might be too old to play the snow spray at Portuguese Settlement. *ciittt* The most distressing is that only 3 people who texted me "Merry Xmas". *LOL* Whatever it is, hope New Year countdown would be better! xD

Friday, December 24, 2010


Here's a quickie edit and post. It is Christmas Eve!!! May your Christmas be merry and bright, and may all your Christmases be white... =)) White Christmas is always my favorite and so is Silent Night.. And so here again, Merry Christmas to my family, brothers, friends and readers. God Bless.. =)) *Btw, where to countdown at? =((*

Thursday, December 23, 2010

we WERE so close...

We were close. You treated me well, so am I.
You were there when I'm down,
when I'm lonely, and even when I'm happy...
You helped me at most of the time,
you saved me from myself.

We were real close...
But why do you do this to me?
Why do you do this so easily?
You make it hard to smile because
You make it hard to breathe
Why do you do this to me?
Why do you try so hard to trigger my inner demon...

..why do you have to lag when I really really need you??? I couldn't get to save the artwork that I've done, you gave up at the half way. Why are you treating me this way? What's going on? Are you tired? You don't wait anymore... 怎麽了你累了? 说好的,幸福呢? =((

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Honey Pie

She had my full attention!! She's almost perfect!! Her eyes, her lips, her hair, her figure. Holy God! If I see her up close, I can't help but stare.. Ok just STARE *LoL* She's not cheap to date for, at $6000. She is a REAL DOLL!!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Eric's 21st Birthday!!

Happy 21st birthday my niqquh.. You can now officially watch porn and get married homeboi! *LOL!* This is the last party and also event of us for this year. Well, my 21st soon comes to an end but this is just a beginning for him. *haha* Again, have a blessed 21, kid*! 
I've tried to put it in an actual size but it somehow pixelated. So small preview will do. 

-Peace Out, Done-

Monday, December 20, 2010

I've changed a lot...... =((

I just came back from Eric's 21st birthday. The last birthday party of this year. I will upload the pictures once I had it.. People there were saying that I've changed a lot, I look different now... Right, they were saying that I've grown fat, 发福, tummy getting bigger, face getting pudgy and rounder, this and that!! And not long ago, someone told me this : (Cz, u are still single and young.. why don't wan keep fit? Tak takut tak dapat tackle perempuan kah?) LMAO!!  I know I know, I gedit I gedditttt!!! I will start diet *I've said this like 458295 times already) ahhhhhhhhhh I will diet next year!!  Ok, next year.. I will....... try..

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Malaysia Meeting of Style 2010

Here's some lil update for the MOS I went couple weeks back. This piece was done by 85% of Samurai cans. It's hard to control the pressure, it drips like hell. And the outcome.... so so la. No finishing, no sketches, no color scheme just freestyle. Could have been better if there's no rush hour. *haha*For more PWC pieces and flicks, click here
I don't feel comfortable with my own body for a week. I need a good rest, I need a good massage *stretch* Guess I'm gonna fall a sick soon hence the unpredictable weather nowadays, rain and sun bathing.. God, I cant get sick.. December is so beautiful. Couple weeks has gone, another 2 weeks to go! Be strong!! *coughing* I'm glad that I enjoyed every weekend on this month!! Bout my "personal project", I still have no idea.. Blank blank and Blank!!!!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Not in the working mode

Been sitting in my room facing the desktop for hours doing my 1st personal project, I couldn't manage to complete it by today. I'm so tired lately in the office and lost my focus as I did a lots of mistakes. Guess I'm not really in the working mode. =(( Look, basically my photoshop style is inspired by neon, light, glow or Tron nuff said.  Here's some video that could free my mind now. I heart glowing lights and neon!!
I think pornography should have upgrade to the next level. *haha*
Tron X Playboy photoshoot. Awesome.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to my mom!

Ay yo! Happy birthday to my mom!! Don't you think we look alike? *LOL*

MadC 700Wall

She is totally completely extremely insane for God's sake! *Excuse me as I'm picking up my jaw* A gigantic 639m2 wall involving her characters and styles. She has started planning and sketching in January 2010. Here in this video you can watch the process of how one of the biggest productions ever is brought to life painted by one small girl. And she done it all by herself all alone.. Big bow to her! One of my favorite female writer! Hey MadC, can I be your valentine? *LOL* Check her out at


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to Huey Jin and SX Hood

StylistiX Hood/SxHood is now officially 2 years old. A place for commit adultery and drugs. You can see a lot of used condoms and needles. And also used spray cans as that is also our personal secret training ground but now it has been well exposed. (This place is strictly NOT recommended to pay a visit!)
But lately, I saw some local indie photographers did photo-shooting at this abandoned apartment. *claps* =)) These is what I saw in facebook, anyway enjoy the wonderful pictures below...and ahh, nice spot indeed! *LOL*
..last but not least.. Happy birthday SIS!! *hahahahah*